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Related article: Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 02 00th. 0100 25 From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Brief Encounters Chapter 74 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are Sunny Lolitas fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate iMagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies are often based Friends and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the formAtting or punctuation go turn the tide, now I know why ! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** as always in this time of year to prepare odd late publication due to Cruise and the like : =) Comments welcome. Chapter - 74 Trapped in a very, very sticky n Ian had come home very happy. The wearing of pants was another guy exciting in itself, but also on the top floor of a bus change in some underwear that had ejaculatedtwice and semen in the n left permanently in the top of a fantasy of going to the big bed ! n If this is all part of an unconscious rebellion against their parents meticulously clean and orderly life, he was not sure. I only knew that in the afternoon, I wanted to be so hateful in a state as possible, because the art had to bring scattered enjoying even with his sperm, he turned the edge. It is no longer bright white, freshly ironed Wolsey X commands for him, that he wanted his underwear, covered in milk and urine stains, Skidmarks as well. The dirtier the better. More or less all the way from the bus stop with a vision of what s him while wearing the same kind of clothes do cum load at a time to reach the well-maintained townhouse hammer away his heart was in twice its normal speed. With a trembling hand the excitement as could hardly was the key in the lock and there were two times before the administration to open the door. Finally, inside hand threw his bag in the floor at the foot of the stairs and the League of pants holding the bounds of the stairs to her bedroom. Just ventured his control over his pants, which had been reported for premature hold for them on the bus. Too big for him, she s quickly slid to the floor, followed moments later is a kind of black underwear, with elastic had spread to his balls bad his pants as he ran at home. Well, without the support pants underpants its mixture of urine and semen smeared on the inside of the legs of his s, falling to join the pants. Meet with ankle pants around Ian and almost upside down, does not hide the disgusting condition of the garment. Looking sideways, looked as if n suffered the ravages of several days by a teen have to wash was casting dark cotton fresh and frozen semen. Small compared with own three times a day masturbation regime, thereIan, that art must be run several times a day, otherwise, it seemed impossible reconcile abundant in the guts. Timex everywhere showed that probably half hour at least before his mother must have returned to work part-time, time, in fact, to the straw other urgently needed was wrong. Still hot milk took a few seconds to pull the underwear extended only to find elastic failed, high- ranked talent led to attach the are concerned about the tip of the tail spasms. The use of art pants were next to the agenda, but before something else that had to solve a mystery. N to leave the management of lingerie balances at the end of his tail, came out of his pants, picked up on it and going to the bathroom smell. The Secret Of course, a precise examination included to see the inside of the pants, are as if they were in cumstained, which had so often thought that. Of course, the answer was nevIt will be a disappointment as n in progress inlaid with dried seeds quickly confirmed with deposits of were concentrated in the lower left, where the art is sticky Cockhead embedded in the state. A strong blow announced the discovery of a hole in the bag cover white, yellow, now positively, by the way the boat fingers are pushed and shoved his cock into the school day. The next move was expected, as it was back running the bus. first to tell his mother that he had spilled something on himself in chemistry lesson and had to absorb the pants in the bathroom sink, then take the of its spare pair the next day. Not all domesticated best could do was give a touch of s shampoo basin water in the vain hope it would help eliminate some of the most obvious Seal has its passed through the tail sliding slowly back into the room s with a glance at his watch, as it did, there are now twenty fiveMinutes before the final is long enough for everything we had planned. Stopping at foot n the bed, hooked neck moves the sheet the ground, leaving them carefully and put them on the final his cock stiff, which brought to light and began testing the n in the inside. The bag and two loads of cum and art is a saturated his was still very wet, so he expected. a smiling, even put the next part of the plan in motion and began to Putting panties again, but back and forth for the more viscous range the end it was under his ass. At first it felt quite strange that lead to this setback, but the feeling soon disappeared once he started finger energy below twice the thickness of the bag. in mind, the next part of the stack plan to present some of the cotton and violence Cummy in her ass while it was always art was to use noninvasive. This was a repetition of something he had done,One night after going to the bed with his own underwear Wolsey, though he found the morning after the spots , use a little ashamed to wash, while art made ​​of black underwear s such problem! with one hand between her legs and fully enjoy the sensations slow progress a little as he looked down at the bottom of the bed parallel to the wall. It was a modern sofa with a single head, s had both a header and a decisive step, which was about four inches on the mattress. The head and foot about an inch thick, gently from one side of the bed to another round and finished with a rounded at the top. Go to the next part of the plan and even stone unturned for the success of it in the center of the fixed- soaked cotton rammed his hole and stay there. After being assured that it felt as if it does not fall, rose slowly to the foot of the bed n carefully to sit astride the stirrup. With legs on both sides of Sunny Lolitas the foot and factorsIng on the wall with his arms extended, which could easily make the step up and down , while their weight forced the packages even in his ass material. Needless to say, n under the weight of the viscous mixture of semen and urine absorbed by the material began to leak around the hole, as it is driven n back and forth over the edge of the stage. After the initial enthusiasm, began to worry that forcing the fabric n in what was happening, he divided his uncles. However, this painful n feelings after a few minutes, the pain seems to be gradually struck by equally intense pleasure from the movement of his best balls forced along the slippery edge the foot of the bed. Although not cum half an hour before he was so excited that n felt a desperate need to end again. Noting that with one arm, was n be able to move enough to get a sense that clashed your free hand on the front of the writings. body heat had been assured that, once in the sense of wet cotton soaked in sweat, seminal fluid, semen n and urine will be an unforgettable experience and surely a n remember. As soon as his fingers were covered with synthetic sperm started to run a over again through his matted pubic hair, before I finally tried it, but otherwise under pressure on the buttocks to relieve force. The combination of masturbation and secure sliding into the stirrup do not take too long until he ejaculates. the only problem seems to be slipping below it is the trapped material was very tight and very little on hand to treat the space in each frantic masturbation. At this point, any method that it was thought that even on the side program it Sunny Lolitas with a thought, how could improve the peak, n is fast approaching. He concluded, if to get up and drag the writings of his hole at the moment of ejaculation, then we have wOuld wonderful experience orgasm was so desperately want. to slide, however, Director General of anal stimulation and keep your hands free and was scraping the front of the panty n in a frenzy of excitement lame sore tail. The highlight of the last minutes had been building end to it. Spunk feel like cooking deep in his balls y felt that it would soon be thrown out of the much- abused purple the head. The point was that everything was tight around his cock as the orgasm managed to maintain their weight to bear with one leg on the floor, while his others bent knee rested on the bed. The first splash of cum shot out to lift your body the bracket allows your other hand to claw underwear lying between the legs. with a grimace as the ganglia of the material was to be wrested from the reluctant sphincter panties fell back, leaving his cock jerking violently in the n air. There was no stopping him. Tremors and only jussupported t one leg under the power of orgasm, stumbled and lost his balance. is the Sunny Lolitas only way was down and he sat heavy on the rounded edge slippery steps of the sphincter forcibly spread his naked self extra. With tears in her eyes and clung to fear he violated his balls, while his body shook violently, as the endless chain sperm broke, stuck to their legs, bed and carpet. "Ian, I succeeded in that book I wanted. " The voice grew stronger as he climbed the stairs. a little glass, looked at his watch. This may not be correct. You need of his imagination. His mother was still at work, never, never left early. Furthermore, there was just registered and saw that still were twenty 5 minutes, a lot of time. Even with the sound of footsteps quickly approaches do not yet believe that their immediate reaction to looks at his watch again and prove himself. He looked at his watch. n or twenty5 minutes ! Timex shit! "What are you making love? " The door opened into the room, she entered the room. break. A very long pause in the action. For Ian, the complexion changed from white to pink and puce through it seemed like hours. Motionless in the n bed it was obvious he was literally caught with his pants down. Sunny Lolitas only movement of its tail shrinks and the long series of cum slit your urine hanging like a pendulum over general. " You're not... You are my God, " shut the door behind her. "to write please slow down. " Grabbed Simon the top of his shorts, it seemed like the hundredth time and irritated, moved back up. "Staying is not mine either," "Why do you think the rest have damn clip? " kind looked back and smiled, " not that to me waist. " " No, because yer too fucking big ! "said Simon to stop doing other setting. Art turned and made ​​as if was back again, Simon put his of their language. "Then you will want to see Ian pants, which is WOT really innit ? " "drop and can not run and I` because they are " Art smiled mischievously. " Yer, I'm doing good. " Simon looked back to nature, held as usual of pocket in the front again, a sure sign that he had an erection. "You have a N a drive? " " would not you if you wore a pair of other children? " Dropped the bag type s in the pavement and turned to ill-fitting pants pretty obvious about to burst. " Cor, Bleeding hell, really! " Simon took a deep breath. The zip Only three quarters of the way and the white of the Epistle to easily recognize behind the unbuttoned shirt part. to the face brick Sunny Lolitas garden wall No, that is not observed in the type the street then motioned with his finger. " YER you see? " " WOT? " Simon asked excitedly approach. " look". Art opened his jacket and pulled out his dirty shirt tail out of the alliance. With the flynot fastened properly, the white elastic when writings Ian was clearly visible on the top of the pants, which Wolsey X proclaimed in dark blue letters. " It 's all in your milk, which is covered ! " Simon put his hand n and hit paste. He looked up. " Can Can I try 'em on the No later? " "WOT, before or after the semen on them? " Art chuckled. " I want you to go to 'em, mind ! " " I do not care. " Simon pursed his lips and moved his fingers over its pocket. "There is one condition. " " Oh, WOT ?" His face fell. The idea of ​​using sliding Ian was quickly turning to him. Not is like carrying something in his own circle of friends, who in the possession of a child with a dick is at least as great as art, as the likely masturbated a lot too. Short break into Ian 's room, this sort of thing was a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity to deepen more children World and even the fraternal connection was severed in a strange way n othing likear nature can do. " If we keep occupied the house you have to go in the first and mouth while I change pinching up outta your pants. " " Is that all? " Simon said, sounding a little surprised that we had n where all sorts of risky things. N " Yer, simple innit. " "art, which means this Ian has been in this straw, then? " Simon was so excited, with voice almost a whisper. This was the greatest possibility that the n s but really advance its growth fetish lingerie and whether older children were fascinated by it and who knew most of the art it was. Or was it just something that only the intervention of an art. " Well, I know," he smiled kindly, "and you know now, right? So I respect him as a s well. " " But, but... you mean `em have it done? " " he and some others! " Type smiled. " I'm not the only one who knows. " eyes Simon were wide with wonder openly about the possibility, now managing Ian Wolsey underwear and maybe even find some of the spots of their sperm. what is of type"S really my last comment, there are other older who were is also interested to see every cum stains on the underwear and some even straw in them? Just wait until he could tell Tam and rest of them. I just saw Simon's face looked away and blinked Arts. for some reason, all the courage of Simon and wise cracks had s only a little of what innocent and naive, was started. Arts rubbed his eyes and leaned his bag not to to show, to see all the emotions. " you mean... I mean, you know, you know. " Simon heard, and quickly asked The question disturbed for centuries," which, dass. YER classmates pants look for semen stains y... y... " " yes. like you and yer dirty little friends, do not Sunny Lolitas they? " Blinked Arts. " I bet you find a lot of runners as well! " Simon looked very embarrassed and turned pink. However, there were n continue. " So who the Room, we know that they a.. of.. it will be.. look in n Ian.. " " The way yer go, it's also fucking late! You've done it in yer shorts, long before it even at home ! "The art activities referred to Simon pocket " Oh. "It got a little pink tender. " Come on boy, let's go. " Art 's voice sounded as if it might break. Put an arm around Simon, who pushed him to the paving. " We used to come home, the sooner we take a look! " " Cor, I wonder if it has. "Said Simon seemed rather nostalgic of art in the face. " Oh, no. "Art said softly. " do not know? " " Nothing. "Art blinked again. N " You better do it quick, before Dad gets home. " Simon was determined not to change the subject. Pushing as close as he can be nice, felt very safe now, literally, on his brothers wings. "Yes, but where without my mother? " Thought n art. ot much was said until n around the corner of her street. ' yer was, I thought. "Art laughed and she naturally separated. " Don "forget, you always have to dissuade her, while for n the PIN stairs these pants. " " He said I would not? " " Yer, I know, but I would say, when I do I will remove the pants Ian and you can use ' em have a little ! " further decline to an end, and said to Simon. " WOT is common "can have em for a bit ? " " I respect that you want ' em not you see? " type winked. " Perhaps even put 'em on ! Sniff' em? Defeating ? You know," If the price he had to pay a little brotherly ribs for the opportunity to have underwear Ian all for you it was worth. Simon smiled, though still slightly pink. " Then it would be fun if you came into my room and masturbated off yer shorts on ' em up in the leg ! " " We have more than one hour before his father's house. "Simon said slowly, since n displays the fact. " As a child, when I put 'em right then", he smiled kindly, "I Sunny Lolitas hope that there just in time for me n cum to just put ' em Willy me! " " Yeah! " Simon said with enthusiasm. "WOTto wear jeans that, the big hole in your pocket? " " right. "The art began to walk again, then stopped. " But, as you know jeans a damn hole in the bag has at all? I " Martin distributes most of the bottle of Tizer garnet pants Nigel and the two were still laughing when Nigel began his home rather tacky. rotary and waved just before s before around the corner, out of sight that Martin Sports, an erection to her room and put in order before his mother returned n came home from work. with the bedding again took Nigel big cum stain still very much in evidence than in the afternoon sun shone a refective verge of winning quality. Pleased with their sexual ex to Martin sat on the edge of the bed, taking into account the great feeling to get into tight hole of Nelson. had achieved cum in it and no longer had a their firstConcerned about whether this n is what it was gay then, would have accumulated Gay Running a finger across the page quickly some of the guts cold which in once gave an idea. Standing, he dropped his pants to Set the panties look a little tired now and saw his hard cock back had escaped from the loose rubber on the side. When he realized, with in all the excitement that has a mind of its own and have not characters gently down despite pain, still feels the head. Kicking off both shoes, followed by his pants, which he looked down and was directed was sitting right in the middle of the cold spot sperm. It took more than a few seconds before had soaked right through the thin cotton Y- fronts, so they begin to hold the white ass. Discovering that could easily lead to its end at all Sunny Lolitas sticky n page Pocking with his cock seductively from the side that is obvious what had to do to start Masturbationrbating n for the third time in a well less than two hours. Hand rubbing on the paper collected enough milk initiated by him and spit in the palm of the hand mixing saliva cum Nigel less than the rest of the lubricant. To say that the oil was not necessary in any case exaggerated test of a much larger effort would be connected third orgasm. Unfortunately, however, , and then fall into bed and masturbates vigorously lost more than five minutes, a climax to a sore dick come n. Changing hands does not really help either, so he finally had to resting his right arm felt in danger of cramp ! The improvised lubricant was more or less do the job, and surprisingly, his cock n was especially hurt, but it was so hard that it can not go! gentle touch, looking at the red head looked inquiringly if you try out completely for the hat trick. It was then that ª seenand brown jacket on the floor, where he had thrown into their excitement to get their hands on Nigel. Brain was time First I had to get the jacket and found her underwear was almost stripping the bed, where she clung now to his report bottom. Moments later he was back in bed and smiled to himself, and Keep cylindrical wooden toys that had fallen out of his ass in class within an hour or so. So take your idea, decided to reverse the putting the legs in the air and on the impulse to do something that would be never thought she had ever done. The toys are obviously needed some lubricants and what better way to put it in your mouth! A strange taste yes, but certainly not as tough as he had imagined it to be, with the tongue and think about where you excited extra. Wet and slippery, which took more than a few seconds reports the deviation to the side you put it back in his young forward hole. Then there was a case of spitting on the road to rejuvenate the drying sperm and dream of falling back into the tail art was in the ass while masturbating like fury. After a few minutes, three fake orgasms an incredible amount of Martin finally managed to finish effort. Drenched in sweat, in search and feel like there is a double marathon run some small splashes of water cum seemed very little to show for all the problems, but had no milk for the third n instead of time. S breathing heavily and very exhausted mentally physically fell back in bed with the events of the late flashing before him. His cock is still difficult pain showed no signs go down and had lustful side of the foreskin of your letter to the n retracted the statement of the head and no pain and oozing slit urine. was 5 00 hours, when Martin woke past. surprised that he had been asleep for so long that the bolt entered his heart racing. Looking around dazed, was trying to decide whether he was rightand that s is the noise in the kitchen, which had inspired him. Panic beginning to set in. Did you know that his mother was upstairs and saw s sleep? The panic was not only the beginning, it was definitely in. The next block was a big step and did not want to take, but had to see what use s was in look carefully from the corner of my eye, horrified him to see the terrible chaos of clothes and linens were in worse, as he thought semen stains were everywhere. The show surpassed only in the eyes of its tail, which protrude from the continuation proudly panties. First, there were some clothes and then decide how to make a of entry. It seemed that all I had socks to school tie somehow had to be a mixture of both, and Nigel attached sperm. is the home of underwear encrusted with solidified sperm was taken from the bed as they were now joined to the bottom. The bag was that he so that his pubic hair was they literally jumped one after the other with every move she made. Shuffling gently to the bed that was and observed the whole scene. His uniform was there except a disaster complete. The sliding rear skating sequence, so fun was decimated by the time all the n but the white sheets, the only change was the weekend. Cum covered in strips of linen firmly attached to the mattress, looked up and sighed, as these spots are getting deleted was beyond him. to have a presence on the ground floor seemed to be the priority, but what to say to your mother, I had no idea. The school pants looked almost as bad as the rest of the uniforms with patches clearly on the front, where it used to end in the classroom. The quickly went in Sunny Lolitas search of his jeans, jeans, although British-made at this time were generally poorly distributed and rigid denim, more like a using some corrugated cardboard ! under theJeans of the back of the chair by the table that was fighting for his rebellion and stuff backache cock in her underwear. To take a test that Lyle and Scott n and after stretching the amount of Y- fronts had been exposed to This afternoon was a miracle that the elastic nor sufficient to the power to prevent n pulling inflexible denim reminded how bad crack in its edition , despite having the advantage of being tired from his pants falling. N carefully compress the running and has to duck to get a blue striped polo shirt his cock again decided to run rampant, and felt ready, rubbed raw on a special stitching in the rough. If you do not want contained in his underwear, not much could be done about is a touch of couture challenge, took a deep breath and looked at the door open and up the stairs. Obviously I had to go down and the mother of his s, despite what he really meant that he did not decide, quATEV'd meant, at best, difficult. back to making clothes ot the worst excesses of his skin, he began to go very, very awkward on the stairs of Hope, they had not considered too narrow the state it was in ############################################ ###### # # # Chapter 75 to follow
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